Northshore  Taxmaam Crossborder Taxes



General Items
Copy of last year’s tax return
Copy of spouse’s tax return
Your current contact info
2014 Notice of Assessment
Your personal status such as dates of marriage, separation, divorce or
widowed, births & deaths
Names & SIN of spouse & dependents
Installment payments made, if any
Details of foreign property holdings
Child Support/Alimony received or paid
Direct deposit information, if used
Universal child care benefit (RC62)
Employment income (T4)
Pension income (T4A, T4A(P),T4RIF, T4RSP)
U.S. social security & any other foreign pensions
Old age security (T4OAS)
Investment income (T5)
Income from trusts such as mutual fund investments (T3)
Income from employment insurance (T4E)
Income from partnerships (T5013)
Workers compensation/social assistance payments (T5007)
Details of the sale and purchase date of securities such as stocks & bonds (eg.realized gain/loss report from
your broker), possible T5008 slips
Details of real estate sales & purchases
Income from foreign investments
T4As for any miscellaneous income received during the year
T4PS (profit sharing)
Deductions – Employees
Trades people & apprentice small tool purchases
Declaration of conditions of employment form (T2200)
TL2 meals & lodging for transportation employees
Expenses not reimbursed by your employer
Office rent if required as a condition of employment
Home office expenses
If you are a commissioned salesperson, details supporting advertising expenses, promotion, meals & entertainment
Deductions – Motor Vehicles
Total kilometers driven &kilometers driven just for work
Details of total expenses
New vehicle, purchase invoice/agreement
Deductions – General
RRSP contributions
Medical, dental, prescription drugs, nursing home expenses
Payments to a private health insurance plan
Charitable donations
Tuition fees/education amount
(T2202A for Canadian & TL11 for foreign universities) for yourself or transferred from a dependent, signed by student
Interest paid on student loans
Professional dues & insurance, union dues
Public transit passes
Dependents participation in programs related to physical activity & arts
Interest on loans assumed to purchase investments
Professional consultant fees
Legal fees paid to establish child or spousal support or to enforce a pre-existing agreement
Legal fees paid to recover wages from your employer
Details of people you support & their medical status
Child care receipts (if for camp, list dates attended)
Non-reimbursed moving expenses if you moved 40 km or closer to a new work place location
BC health home renovation costs incurred by those 65 & older
Political contributions receipts
Disability tax credit claim form completed by authorized health practitioner (T2201)
Spousal support payments paid
Adoption expenses
Sole Proprietor  
Book keeping records
Total sales revenue or receipts for the year, if books not kept
Total expenses listed by category for the year or receipts, if books not kept
Capital assets purchased (eg.,computer & peripherals,furniture & equipment)
Home office expenses
Rental Properties
Address & number of units
Rental income by unit
Rental expenses by unit & by category of expense
Partners’ names, addresses, SINs & per cent interest
Details of any capital additions over $500, including furnishings & appliances

Note: You should receive all your applicable tax documentation by the end of March each year; however,
sometimes T5 slips don't arrive until April!!